Ahmadinejad: Iran’s N. Progress Irrevocable

A031190648.jpgIran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad underlined here on Wednesday that his country may not retreat along the nuclear path. “The nuclear progress of the Iranian nation is irrevocable,” Ahmadinejad told a fervent crowd in the city of Birjand on the first leg of his visit to Southern Khorassan province.

Meantime, he stressed that Iran favors negotiation, “but the world should know that we will not talk about our independence and inalienable rights and no one can decide for us.”

The president once more reiterated that Iran’s nuclear case is closed from political aspects.

“We have provided answers for all the questions of the (International Atomic Energy) Agency and they have approved that we have acted in accordance with the law and that our activities have been peaceful,” he said.

Ahmadinejad pointed out that Iranians do not recognize the UN Security Council sanctions against the Islamic Republic because they have been issued on the basis of an unreal report.

“They have committed a mistake due to the wrong path they have designed and this is their problem and the Iranian nation does not attach any value or credit to them. The agency’s reports revealed that there was no cause for their concern,” he said.

The president also mentioned that West opposes Iran’s nuclear progress in a bid to take concessions from the Iranian nation, adding that two or three European countries are accompanying the US because they fear Washington.

“But this nation will not give up even an iota of its nuclear rights,” he underscored.

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