Bulgarian Ombudsman office only institution without connections to former secret services

The Commission for declassification of the secret services archives of Bulgaria has so far found 620 former communist secret service agents, member of the commission Ekaterina Boncheva said. The only institution where there were no members connected to the former secret services was currently the Ombudsman office, daily Dnevnik reported.
Boncheva said that the commission, headed by Evtim Kostadinov, had checked the records of 3765 people. Among the 620 agents found, there was no one who had passed away or who has been recruited by the secret services before they turned 18 years of age. Over 900 applications to access the archives of the former secret services have been submitted to the commission, Dnevnik writes.
The biggest part of the secret service archives is currently stored in the premises of the Ministry of Interior in Sofia and in 29 district police offices, The Sofia Echo adds. Years ago an audit by the former Interior Ministry archive director found parts of the archive missing, the online paper notes. According to Ekaterina Boncheva, 41 per cent of the Interior Ministry archive was destroyed, the biggest destruction having happened at the time of Atanas Semerdjiev, Dnevnik says.

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