Iran Seeks to Develop All-Out Ties with Friendly Countries

A031190643.jpgExpansion of all-out relations with all the neighboring and friendly countries sets the main policy of the Islamic Republic, Iranian Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said. Speaking to reporters before leaving Tehran for Yerevan, Armenia on Tuesday, Najjar said that his three-day visit, which would take place at the invitation of his Armenian counterpart Mikayel Harutyunyan, was aimed at the expansion of constructive cooperation between the two countries.

He further stressed the need for the development of mutual ties in the Caucasus region, and described regional cooperation as a significant factor influencing expansion of peace and stability.

“Such cooperation can prevent manifestation of crushing conflicts in tensed political and security areas,” Najjar added.

Meantime, the minister underlined that Iran-Armenia relations do not impose a threat to other countries, and mentioned that utilization of policies which are base on confidence-building, understanding and mutual respect, can result in good interests and achievements for all countries.

He also underlined that the concept of regional and global security runs counter to unilateralism and unilateral approaches, and added that in case countries seek for their goals through joint and mutual cooperation and interaction, then they will be provided with the needed incentive for participating and cooperating in international political issues, the result of which would be peace and stability.

Najjar also stated that intervention of alien troops in the Caucasus runs counter to the national and joint interests of the regional states, and stressed the necessity for regional countries to confront such an intervention, which he described as a “countersecurity phenomenon”.

The Iranian defense minister, heading a high-ranking delegation, left Tehran for Armenia this afternoon.

During the trip which takes place at the invitation of the Armenian defense minister, the two sides are scheduled to discuss bilateral ties and exchange views about regional and international issues.

The Iranian minister is also due to attend meetings with President Robert Kocharian and Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan during his sojourn in Armenia.

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