Olefin 5 to Become Operational Sept. 2008

A031190646.jpgMorvarid Petrochemical Complex Managing Director Safar-Ali Babaii said Olefin 5 would come on stream in September 2008. “Engineering works of Olefin 5 started on April 25, 2006 and furnaces were installed late September of the same year,” the weekly Mashal quoted the official as saying, PIN reported.

Babaii said phases 9 and 10 of South Pars field would provide the feedstock of Olefin 5, adding the two phases would be put into operation by early 2008 and the complex would face no feedstock problem.

“Such a progress is a record in petrochemical sector,” boasted the managing director, saying time management in the construction of Olefin 5 helped accelerate the running of the unit, set a new record, and slash executives costs considerably.

Jam Petrochemical Company’s Olefin Unit, the largest in the world, would also become operational in Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (Assaluyeh) in southern Iran by March 19, 2008, said the company managing director.

Hassan Beigi added the Olefin Unit would meet the feedstock of other units of the company.

He said other units of the company had experienced pilot production process and were undergoing the official production stage.

“Olefin 10 has totally made 97.88 percent progress,” said Beigi, adding the preliminary construction operations of the unit started in mid-2001 and two billion dollars had been invested in the project.

Olefin 10 is one of the most lucrative projects of the petrochemical industry, which aims to produce one million tons of polymers, some 1.5 tons of ethylene and propylene, and about one million tons of chemical and petrochemical products.

Of products, less than 10 percent is used by domestic industries and the remaining is exported abroad.

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