Pakistan Calls for Stronger Ties with Iran, Turkey

A001211612.jpgPakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz has called for further strengthening trade ties and economic partnership with Iran and Turkey. Azia talking to the ambassadors of Iran, Mashallah Shakeri, and Turkey Engine Soysal, said, Pakistan’s relations with Iran and Turkey were based on shared faith, culture and history that add depth to their trilateral relations, Press TV reported.

Aziz then highlighted the importance of developing extensive cooperation, especially in the energy sector, between the three leading countries of the region which are also the original founders of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO).

He urged the need to progress in establishing transportation links among the three countries as well as early signing of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) to leverage the considerable potential of boosting trade and investment opportunities between Pakistan, Iran and Turkey.

The prime minister also emphasized Iran’s legitimate right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and condemned the countries who try to deprive Iranians from this right.

Aziz also appreciated Iran’s great help in rehabilitation and reconstruction of quake affected victims in Pakistan.

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