Iran Stresses Plan for Industrial Enrichment

A001211620.jpgIranian Government Spokesman Gholam Hossein Elham underlined Tehran’s resolve to enrichment uranium at an industrial scale, saying that his country aims to provide fuel for its nuclear power plants. Speaking to reporters during his weekly press briefing here on Tuesday, Elham said that his country aims to produce nuclear fuel at an industrial scale to provide for the needs of its power plants while complying with the international rules and regulations.

“We are moving on a path which leads to industrial (enrichment) technology and we want to use this technology for our nuclear power plants in a peaceful way and within the regulations,” Elham said in response to the question if Iran intends to increase the number of its centrifuges to over 3,000.

Elsewhere, he rejected some recent comments that Iran is facing worrying conditions, saying, “We do not think there is any situation or threat that may be a cause of concern.”

Elham also dismissed speculations about a possible US invasion of Iran, and reminded that even the US officials have repeatedly acknowledged that they were not thinking of launching military action against Iran.

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