Clash took place in Dagestan’s capital. Enemy brought armored vehicles

9_1.jpgAccording to occupation sources with the reference to local murtads two houses with Mujahideen were sealed off in Shamilkale (former Makhachkala) early morning of Monday, November 12.Later on Russian kafirs unlocked one of the houses because “no one was found there”.
Intense gunfire was took place in the capital of Dagestan from the very dawn. Eyewitnesses reported that the Russian kafirs and local puppets stormed private houses in the city center, with the support of armored vehicles. Entire quarter had been blockaded.

About 11:30 local time kafirs announced that one of the houses was blocked with 8 Mujahideen together with Buinaksk Dzhamaat leader Hizri Mamayev.


Then kafirs stated that all Mujahideen were killed, including the wife of Hizri Mamayev. However after one hour after that statement, news came that Russian kafirs brought additional troops and tanks the center of Shamilkala, which blocked several city quarters, where the shooting continued.

The tanks started to destroy private homes, where according to the kafirs were Mujahideen who continued to battle. The center of the capital of Dagestan was declared as “zone of the counter-terrorist operation”. In normal language it means that the center of Shamilkala was declared a zone of military operations.

Earlier in the battle kafirs burned house where Mujahideen kept defense, but they continued shoot from burning buildings.


There was unconfirmed information that two women and four children were in blocked house. According to other information several women and children were in the house. Kafirs and murtads do not tel their exact number. There is no information about their fate.

The occupation forces claimed that Mujahideen were offered to surrender, but they responded with fire.

The occupation sources reported that tight fire were coming from the windows of homes to the armored assault groups. Kafirs and murtads as usual do not give any information on their casualties.


Closer to the evening of November 12 representatives of the puppet regime stated that the “operation is over”.

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