Chechen refugee Imran Gaziyev killed in Baku

49-year-old Gaziev was killed near his car” GAZ-31″ at the territory of Binegedi region at 23:00 on November. Unknown person fired 7 times and Gaziyev died at the site. “Baykal” revolver and silencer were found at the site. Binegedi Prosecutor’s Office launched criminal case on the articles 120 (deliberate murder), 228 (Illegal purchase, storage, and carrying of fire-arms) of the Criminal Code. Nobody has detained on the fact. The case is under investigation, murderer is being defined.Head of Chechen community in Azerbaijan Ramzan Mollayev told the APA that body is being examined and law-enforcement bodies interrogated deceased’s relatives. Mollayev said that the date of funeral has not been determined and stated that Gaziev will be possibly buried in motherland. 

Radio Liberty reported Imran Gaziyev was assistant of Ali Asaev, head of former representation of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.

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