Iraqi Speaker: Muslims should Have a Permanent Seat at UNSC

A014269422.jpgIraqi Parliament Speaker Mahmoud al-Mashhadani stressed that the world of Islam should have a permanent seat at the UN Security Council.Addressing a regional meeting of the General Assembly of the Asian Parliaments Assembly (APA) here in Tehran on Tuesday, the Iraqi speaker blasted the unipolar world system and its hegemony over the world bodies, and said that when power and force happen to be in control of a given civilization, that nation would ignore global criteria and norms.

“Today, impartiality has become inefficient in the world,” he added.

“Man has never experienced such days, when those defending their homeland are identified and condemned as terrorists,” the Iraqi official continued.

He also lashed out at the excessive use of force by the Israeli regime.

Al-Mashhadani further called for dialogue among cultures and religions to resolve the world problems, and reiterated the need for the world Muslims to have a permanent seat at the UNSC, saying that such a move would cause a balance of power in the world.

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