The opposition to air footage with naked Murad Zyazikov

12.jpgIt seems that anti-Zyazikov’s opposition is very seriously preparing for the upcoming rally, which will be held in Nazran on November 24. Opposition members claim “tens of thousands” is ready to day to participate to the meeting.Let’s remember that the formal occasion for another rally has become a demonstrative murder of an Ingush child by the special gang of FSB in the village of Chemulga a few days ago. Kafirs shot a 6-year-old boy Rahim Amriyev during a raid on the house of one of the poorest families in the village.


In preparation for the rally the anti-Zyazikov’s website Ingushetiya.Ru has announced a display of a video footage in which the head of the Ingush murtads Murad Zyazikov having fun with Moscow prostitutes.


The website writes: “The video is shocking: it is disgusting to watch a naked Zyazikov and what he is doing there. A sms-correspondence of Zyazikov with his lover was attached to the letter, where had been written that Zyazikov had bought her an apartment in Moscow. A verbal expression of Zyazikov in this correspondence is also very impartial.


After checking the authenticity of the video and correspondence (we have no doubt about the authenticity of video because everything is so clearly visible there), in the next 2-3 days, it will be aired on the website.


The footage will be “hanging” on the website for several days. For mentioned period of time please restrict access to a computer and to the Internet all persons under 18 years of age. We apologize in advance to all our visitors “, anti-Zyazikov’s site.


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