At Least 16 Russians, Proxies Slain in Chechnya

7_11.jpgA mobile group of Mujahideen engaged in a firefight with a Russian army special forces’ unit in a forested area near the village of  Selmentauzen last Sunday, October 8, 2006. Four Russian troops were killed and at least 3 others were wounded in the action. 3 Mujahideen were slightly injured according to a report from the Chechen Military Command. 

After the battle, Russian artillery intensively pounded the environs of the Selmentauzen village on the night between October 8-9, 2006.


Mujahideen carried out a sabotage operation in the Chechen capital of Jokhar on Friday, October 13, 2006, killing 2 Russian troops and capturing their weapons.


Mujahideen sprayed automatic weapons fire at the positions of Russian invaders and their local puppets in the Chechen capital of Jokhar on the night between October 13-14, 2006. According to radio intercept, at least 1 troop was killed and 5 others were wounded but the enemy casualties could be higher.


A sabotage group of Mujahideen attacked Russian troops near the village of Mesedoi in the Vedeno district late Saturday, October 14, 2006 according to a Russian news report. The Russians claim that only the troops’ commander has been wounded and that they have suffered no other casualties.



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