GRU Humvee Blown Up in Chechnya

8_12.jpgA humvee of the Russian terrorist organization GRU has been blown up on a highway near  the the viilage of Vishny Vedeno in Vedeno district, severely wounding a head of a “Vostok” gang unit  and his deputy.  The “Vostok” gang is a detachment of the Russian military intelligence GRU and consists of local armed  proxies. The GRU officers were hospitalized. The gang traveled to a punishment expedition according to a Russian news report on Monday, October 9, 2006. 

6 Russian terrorists from the GRU have been recently arrested in Georgia on espionage charges. Earlier this year, the GRU blew up several pipelines in Georgia and reportedly blasted two gas pipelines in Iran in August and September 2006.


Meabwhile, another  Russian military gang has been attacked by Chechen Mijahideen equipped  with small arms in the area of the same village Vishny Vedeno late Friday, October 7, 2006. One Russian soldier was wounded in the action,  a Russian military official said on Monday. No information about possible casualties among the Mujahideen was available from the Russians.



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