Puppet Troops Attacked in Chechnya

Chechen Muhahideen equipped with small arms carried out sabotage operations in the villages of Vedeno, Dishny Vedeno and Shamil Kotar in the Vedeno district on October 8-9, 2006, killing 4 traitors according to a report from the Chechen Military Command. No further details of  the action were mentioned in the report.Meanwhile, a puppet troop from the gang “kadyrovtsy” fell out of  a car traveling at high speed on a road in Jokhar on October 9, 2006. It is not quite clear whether he fell out himself or was kicked out  by other members of the gang. Later, he died in a hospital according to a report from a Kavkaz Center source in Jokhar.


Another puppet  from a “kadyrovtsy” gang unit deployed in the village of Avtury was hospitalized with a dangerous cerebral injury. He had been severely beaten by his accomplices during a quarrel according to a report from the Kavkaz center source.


Russian artillery pounded the village of Selmentauzen in the Vedeno district of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, destroying a house of the local resident Mutushev who accompanied the  Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya during her voyage to several villages in the mountain area of  Chechnya  a few years ago  according to the Russian human rights Web site Kavkazsky Uzel.



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