Russian Military Convoy Destroyed in Chechnya

6_11.jpgAccording to a report for the Kavkaz Center news agency from the Chechen Military Command, a mobile unit of Chechen Mujahideen attacked and destroyed a military convoy of Russians and puppets on a road between the district center of Achkhoi Martan and the Kotai Yurt village on Wednesday, October 17, 2006.The Mujahideen ambushed and attacked the Russian troops with machine-gun, grenade-launcher and submachine-gun fire. According to preliminary reckoning, 6 Russian troops were killed and at least 10 others were wounded. The final Russian losses are assumed to be much higher. Several Russian military vehicles were destroyed or disabled. The Mujahideen suffered no casualties.


After the battle, the Mujahideen returned to their operation bases. Later, the Russian moved additional invaders’ and puppets’ troops to the battle scene. Combat helicopters pounded forested areas south of the battle area during several hours. The road to Achkhoi Martan was blocked till late Wednesday, October 18, 2006. All the attempts by Russians and puppets to block the mobile unit of the Mujahideen failed.


Meanwhile, the Russians reported that Mujahideen attacked their Batalion North near the village of Kotai Yurt claiming that only two their troops had been  killed and 4 others had been wounded. According to the Russian report, the Mujahideen unit consisted of 10 fighters.


The Battalion North is a Russian detachment of so-called internal troups attached to the Russian “interior ministry” but it consists of native Chechen soldiers under the Russian command.  It is a common practice of every European colonial power to engage native soldiers in special detachments of their army. Strictly speaking,  these are not the Chechen puppet but Russian troops consisting of natives.


NB: As of press time, the AP and Reuters said nothing about this battle. For the sake of truth and unbiased news, the Kavkaz Center news agency kindly asks them to give also the Mujahideen reckoning of Russian casualties in their forthcoming reports from Russia. The KC will inform its readers on its Web site  about the results of this appeal, so that readers outside Russia including the Reuters and the AP editors in London and New York know our opinion about them.

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