Several Russians, Proxies Killed in Chechnya

A whole series of clashes between Chechen Mujahideen and invaders with their puppets took place in the southern Vedeno district of Chechnya during the last few days according to reports from the Chechen Military Command. The enemy suffered losses in local firefights.Mujahideen engaged  in battles several times in the area of villages Dargo, Zhanni Vedeno, Dishni Vedeno and Eshekkhatoi. No exact information about casualties on both sides was available. 

Meanwhile, several clashes with Russian invaders and their puppets also took place in western Chechnya in the area of the villages of Bamut and Yandi Kotar on the Ingush border. At least one Mujahid martyred (Shaheed, insha Allah) while 5 Russians and proxies were killed and several were wounded.  Invaders and puppets used helicopters and special detachments of Russian forces according to the reports.

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