Lebanese Opposition Condemn Annapolis Conference

A03553961.jpgLebanon’s opposition groups voiced strong opposition to the attendance of the country’s prime minister at the so-called Middle-East peace conference in Annapolis, Maryland, warning that Siniora’s participation in the US meeting would serve the interests of the Israeli regime. The decision by Siniora’s government to attend the Annapolis conference violated an earlier agreement between the Opposition and proponents of the Lebanese government to soothe the political atmosphere dominating the country, making the opposition groups wrathful.

Lebanese parliament speaker Nabih Berry and Hezbollah officials have voiced strong opposition to the country’s participation in the US conference.

“What is the use of participation in this conference, what do you expect of it, why are you in so much haste to attend this conference,” Berry said addressing the Lebanese government.

Speaking in an interview with the Lebanese paper ‘Al-Safeer’ on Monday, Berry also questioned the raison detre for attending such a conference, asking, “Considering that the occupied Shabaa farms, the Lebanese war prisoners remaining in Israel’s captivity and the Zionists’ frequent violation of the Lebanese air space are not on the agenda of the conference, why should Lebanon participate in this meeting?”

The speaker also warned about the negative consequences of the Annapolis conference on Lebanon’s domestic affairs and conditions.

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