Speaker: Invitees to Annapolis Conference Unable to Solve Palestinian Issue

A03553967.jpg Iranian Parliament Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel said those countries which have been invited by the US to attend the so-called Middle-East peace conference in Annapolis, Maryland are not able to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli issue. “The key to the Palestinian issue is not in the pocket of the Arab and other states which have been invited to the Annapolis Conference,” Haddad Adel said while addressing an open session of the Islamic Consultative Assembly here on Tuesday.

“The key to the Palestinian issue is in the hand of those people whose right has been usurped and these people have condemned Israel and its supporters all throughout the past 60 years at a court that they have set up in their minds, hearts and spirits,” he added.

The top legislator said Washington has invited a large number Arab and non-Arab leaders in a bid to make the conference as much magnificent as possible, adding that the meeting aims to justify compromise with the Zionist regime.

“The US administration which has discredited the American nation due to its illogical support for the Zionist regime, imagines that the settlement of the Palestinian issue is subject to an agreement by certain Arab leaders, while the Palestinian issue may not be solved unless the agreement of all the world Muslims and freedom and justice-seeking people is obtained,” Haddad Adel stressed.

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