Ahmadinejad: IAEA report a big victory for Iranian nation

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Wednesday that the International Atomic Energy Agency’s report confirming Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities marks an absolute victory for Iranian nation.
President Ahmadinejad told a group of Basijis that the IAEA’s report is a firm evidence that Iran’s nuclear activities are peaceful.
He said the reports are the result of Iranian nation’s adherence to culture and ideology of Basij, which is concordant with the genuine Islamic culture.
Criticizing certain groups of people for their efforts to downplay the victory of the Iranian nation after the release of the IAEA report, Ahmadinejad said, “Had the Iranian nation given the least concession to ill-wishers of Iran’s nuclear activities, we would have to lost all our dignity today. This cannot be the end, however.” He said giving further concessions to ill-wishers would have given way to more pressures and Iran’s progress going back 100 years.
He added that Iranian nation is today proud of resistance and refusal to give any concession to the ill-wishers.
“Political dialogue with its due preconditions along with resistance is necessary and the first precondition should be acceptance of Iran’s inalienable rights.”
Meanwhile, in an interview with reporters after the weekly cabinet meeting, Ahmadinejad said ElBaradei’s report is not ambiguous and is 100 percent in Iran’s favor.
He said the report confirms all the activities Iran has had thus far.
He added, “The IAEA report marks a big victory for the Iranian nation and in our view, the political part of the nuclear issue has been finished and constant cooperation is underway with the IAEA in connection with the legal aspect.”

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