About 35 kafirs, murtads eliminated, wounded near Horsenoi village

25_1.jpgAccording to source from Chechnya with the reference to the commander of Urus-Martan sector of Armed Forces of the Caucasus Emirate Amir Abdul-Malik, a fierce firefight took place between Chechen Mujahideen and Russian kafirs (infidels) and Chechen murtads (apostates) on November 26 in the district of the village of Horsenoi.The source reported that murtads and kafirs were surrounded the base of the Mujahideen and were tried to capture it. Mujahideen meet the enemy with fierce gun fire from automatic rifles, machine guns and grenade launchers.


The battle continued until late night. During the fierce firefight one Mujahid Abu-Ahmad (call sign “Albani”) was became a Shaheed. Russian kafirs and Chechen murtads lost about 15 men and about 20 enemy soldiers were wounded. Kafirs and murtads evacuated their dead and wounded by helicopters.


According to the source, with the onset of darkness a squad of Mujahideen deployed at the base near the village Horsenoi, withdrew from the battle zone.

Early at morning of November 27 and until the noon Russian aircraft bombed the possible routes of movement of Mujahideen squad. But these attacks did not caused any harm to Mujahideen.


Russian occupation sources reported that during the military clashes in the region of Shatoi, Vilayet Nohchiycho (Ichkeria) 1 murtad was eliminated and 3 murtads were wounded. They were members of the gang named “Yug” (South). Thus kafirs reported that one mujahid died in that clash. No other details have been reported.

Meanwhile, according to unconfirmed information fighting have been continued in the village of Horsenoi for about two days..

Let’s remember that the Russians have previously reported about a “clash” in the Shelkovskoy district, saying that during one “policeman” injured in the action.

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