Iran’s Petrochemical Exports Exceed $3.3b

A03518017.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran has earned 3.314 billion dollars through exports of petrochemical products in the first eight months of its current year (started March 21, 2007).

According to the National Petrochemical Company (NPC), the country has exported 5.723 million tons of products during the eight-month period.

Weighing 1.65 million tons, liquefied gas had the lion’s share in the exports and methanol, ethylene, propylene, butadiene, dichloride ethylene, LAB, and PTA were the main basic chemical products exported within the period.

Propane, butane, pyrolyse, benzene, pentane plus, and heavy slice were the export-bound byproducts and fuels while benzene, paraxylene, heavy aromatic slice were the aromatic products.

Ammonia, ammonium nitrate, sulfur, and sulfuric acid are fertilizers and related products and light polyethylene, heavy polyethylene, melamine crystal, PVC, and PET are polymer products the country is planning to export.

Iran is currently among the world’s top producers of urea, ammonia, methanol, and ethylene.

Last year, Japan, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), China, India, South Korea, Italy, Singapore, and Taiwan were the main target markets for Iran’s export-bound petrochemical products, accounting for 86 and 80 percent of exports in terms of weight and value respectively.

A pioneer in petrochemical trading, Iran had recently bought a polyethylene factory in the Philippines and the trade results for this year also shows an upward trend in the country’s chemical exports.

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