Russia will not take foreign interference: Putin

21_1.jpgRussian President Vladimir Putin has told foreign diplomats that his country is on a clear democratic path with human rights and freedom as priorities. Putin addressed about 200 ambassadors in the first such meeting of his presidency.His speech comes just four days before the country’s parliamentary elections.

“We have done everything to protect Russia from internal turmoil, to pave the way for its evolution. We will not allow this process to be corrected from abroad. As a country, we will consistently promote the positive agenda for modern international relations. This is the main point that I want you to pass to your countries,” Putin said.

The President was keen for ambassadors to take note of Russia’s diplomatic, political and economic progress.

“Our political course is clear cut and is not going to change. We are on the path of democratic development. Our priorities are to ensure human rights and fundamental freedoms and to provide conditions to develop the potential of each and every citizen,” stressed out President Putin.

The upcoming Parliamentary and Presidential elections are crucial for the country to maintain its current course to prosperity, he said.

The President also called for the world to create new rules for international relations.

He suggested that making the United Nations more flexible and modern is the key to meeting today’s challenges. Mr Putin particularly focused on relations between Russia and the G8.

“Russia intends to contribute more to the G8 activities. The G8 has become important for the international co-operation. This allows us to strengthen our positions as a donor country in the international development,” emphasised Mr Putin.

Peter Lavelle, RT’s political commentator, noted two different approaches by the Russian President to the same issues.

“The speech made by Putin in Munich had the same agenda, but was way more quiet,” Lavelle said.

Aleksey Bogaturov, from Moscow State University of International Affairs, said that every speech in every country made before an election somehow refers to it.

“No matter what Putin has in mind precisely, the context of his speech is the election. Everybody outside worry about instability in Russia – that is a price you pay for living in a big country,” Bogaturov said.

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