Rafsanjani Warns West against Fresh Threats to Iran

A00578176.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Tehran’s Provisional Friday Prayers leader Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani called on western countries to avoid use force and threats against the Islamic Republic, warning that such an option would deteriorate conditions for the West.

“Today Iran’s representative meets the European Union negotiator, and they (the West) should utter fair words and avoid threats, because their threat makes us bring up our guard. They should know that if their aim in talks (with Iran) is negotiation, then the issue will be resolved. But if their goals is anything other than negotiation, then they should know that their fate in Iran would be worse than that in Afghanistan and Iraq,” Rafsanjani said during his address to a large congregation of worshipers on Tehran University campus here on Friday.

He expressed the hope that the West would opt for a right path after talks between Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili and the EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana in London on Friday.

“We hope that after today’s talks, those who have been bullying against Iran would choose a right path and stop troubling us and the region,” the chairman of the Experts Assembly said.

He also noted Western countries’ disloyalty to the commitments they had made prior to the Islamic Revolution (1979) for nuclear cooperation with Iran, and described Iran’s nuclear case as a scandal for the West.

Stressing that the said western countries are indebted to Iran due to their disloyalty to the nuclear contracts with Iran, Rafsanjani reminded the fully home-grown nature of Iran’s nuclear technology.

“Iran has been on the scene alone and stood on its own since 25 years ago. We can now say that we possess a nuclear technology all the stages of which have been developed fully domestically and we do not owe anything to anyone in this regard. We have even supplied some of our needs from the open and black market,” he added.

“Then what are all these hues and cries and injustice for,” the cleric asked, adding that West’s opposition to Iran’s nuclear progress lies in the independent nature of Iran’s atomic technology.

He said West is opposed to Iran’s nuclear programs because Iran has shattered colonialists powers’ monopoly over such a source of energy.

Meantime, the Expediency Council chairman underlined Iran’s commitment to the international rules and regulations, reiterating that Tehran will maintain its peaceful drive in developing the nuclear program.

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