Beauty queens brighten ballot in Russian village

MOROZOVKA, Russia (Reuters) – Voters looked on in amazement when a group of Russia’s most beautiful women turned up to cast their votes in Sunday’s parliamentary election.

Elderly residents of the village of Morozovka, wrapped up against sub-zero temperatures, were surprised to see the 22 finalists in this year’s Miss Russia contest arrive at the local polling station.

The beauty queens, carrying flowers, swept back their long hair and posed for photographers and television cameras.

They were wearing red, white and blue — Russia’s national colors, but also those of President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party.

The women from all over Russia were staying nearby and were given special dispensation to cast their votes locally.

“I voted for United Russia because I don’t think you should destroy the course that has been chosen already,” said 18-year-old Darya Dementyeva, wearing a white zip-up jacket displaying the ‘Miss Russia’ logo.

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