Iran – Saudi to Build a Power Plant in Iran

Iran and Saudi Arabia have signed an agreement worth 500 million euros to construct a combined cycle power plant in Heris, East Azerbaijan province.  


Announcing this on Monday, deputy energy minister for power affairs stated that the construction of the power plant will be launched in the next Iranian year (starts March 21) and will be completed within two years, IRIB reported. 


“Saudi Arabia’s Zenel Company and Iran’s Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Company Tavanir have agreed to build the 1,200-megawatts power plant,” Mohammad Ahmadian stated. 


Referring to the construction of the power plant on the basis of a build, operate, transfer (BOT) deal, he announced that the electricity generated from the power plant will be sold to Iran. 


Meanwhile, he added that Iran exports electricity to six neighboring countries including Armenia, Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan and Nakhichevan Republic. 


Azerbaijan and Nakhichevan Republic also supply electricity to Iran, Ahmadian added. According to him, Islamic Republic imported 177,000 MW/h but exported 238,000 MW/h of electricity during October 23-November 21. 


“Some 14,500 MW/h have been exported to Pakistan, 58,000 MW/h to Turkey, 60,000 MW/h to Iraq, and 60,000 MW/h to Afghanistan.” Ahmadian concluded that Iran imported 135,000 MW/h of electricity from Turkmenistan and 39,000 MW/h of electricity from Azerbaijan Republic. 


Earlier, Iranian energy minister Parviz Fattah announced that Iran’s power grid will be linked to Europe via Russia or Turkey. The minister recalled that the national power network is currently connected to electricity networks of countries which have land borders with Iran. 


“We are planning to have electricity exchange with countries with maritime frontiers. In line with this, negotiations are being conducted with the United Arab Emirates for laying undersea cables,” Fattah underlined. 



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