Envoy: UNSC should Return Iran’s Case to IAEA

A00234354.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran’s nuclear case should be withdrawn from the UN Security Council and returned to the International Atomic Energy Agency, Tehran’s ambassador to Paris said in the wake of a report by the US intelligence officials underlying the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear programs.

Speaking in an interview with the French Etelle TV in Paris on Wednesday, Ali Ahani reminded that the US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) proved that the White House has been lying about Iran’s nuclear activities and that the issue has been illogically referred to the UN Security Council under the US pressures.

“This report is important because, similar to ElBaradei’s report, it mentions that Iran does not have a military nuclear program,” he said.

“We have always announced that Iran’s program is and will remain civilian,” Ahani added.

He also said that the report has provided Washington with a chance to revise its policy on Iran.

Meantime, the envoy dismissed a part of the report which mentions that Iran gave up its nuclear weapons program due to international pressures and inspections in 2003, saying, “This part is not correct. Our program is non-military and even the Russian foreign minister has made a reference to this point. We strongly reject this point.”

“We have never intended to move on this path,” he added.

The diplomat also said even now that reports by the UN nuclear watchdog agency and arch foe the United States have endorsed Iran’s peaceful nuclear drive, Tehran is still prepared to go on with negotiations and international cooperation to further prove the peaceful nature of its activities. 

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