Leader Calls on Muslims to Revive Islamic Law

A0358667.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei called on Muslim countries’ judicial systems to practice independence and revive Islam’s judicial rules.


Addressing participants in the first conference of the judiciary chiefs of Islamic countries here in Tehran on Wednesday, Ayatollah Khamenei underlined the high potentials of Islamic rules and decrees, and stressed that Islamic law is capable of meeting the needs of the contemporary men, specially with regard to justice.

“Self-confidence and trust in God is the solution to the present problems of the world of Islam,” he said, adding, “The judicial systems of Islamic countries should have an independent view and return to the divine science and knowledge in relation to judicial issues and they should strive to reconstruct and build up the high construction of Islamic judiciary.”

The Leader reiterated that Islam presents one of the world’s most advanced law systems, and continued, “Despite the high and exalted stand of Islamic law and judiciary, the western world is using its cultural hegemony to inspire the world with this wrong image that Islamic rules and decrees do not correspond to men’s contemporary needs, and the judicial system of the Islamic countries have, unfortunately, been influenced by the western law and judiciary.”

He further viewed lack of justice, security and spirit of brotherhood as well as the unharnessed domination of the world powers as the results of the West’s cultural hegemony, and reiterated, “Today, the world is hungry for justice and security. In the seemingly civilized countries of the West which claim to be an advocate of the freedom of thought, Muslims experience strong humiliation and severe discrimination while religious minorities in such Islamic countries as Iran are going on with their normal life and doing their own religious duties in a totally free and peaceful atmosphere.”

The Supreme Leader noted that West’s cultural, political and economic hegemony has resulted in vast discrimination in the world, describing the western world’s indifference and silence on the Zionist regime’s oppression and cruelty to the Palestinians as among the said cases of sheer discrimination.

“Under such conditions, Muslims should take well-planned actions with self-confidence, trust in God and unity in order to reach desirable results, and God has vowed that wherever correct action is taken, he will definitely extend his assistance,” he added.

To conclude his remarks, the Leader called on the judiciary officials of the Islamic countries to follow up the decisions of the Tehran meeting.

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