U.S. names 7 Iraqis backing insurgency from Syria

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Treasury Department on Thursday put seven people it said were backing the Iraqi insurgency from Syria on a list that forbids U.S. citizens from having any dealings with them.

Treasury’s under secretary for terrorism and international finance, Stuart Levey, described them in a statement as “former (Iraqi) regime elements and others supporting the Iraqi insurgency out of Syria.”

It said one of the seven, Fawzi Mutlaq Al-Rawi, had provided financial support for Al Qaeda in Iraq and that he had provided improvised bombs, rifles and suicide bombers at the request of a senior Al Qaeda leader in Iraq.

The other six were identified as Hasan Hashim Khalaf Al-Dulaymi; Ahmed Watban Ibrahim Hasan Al-Tikriti; Ahmad Muhammad Yunis Al-Ahmad; Sa’ad Muhammad Yunis Al-Ahmad, Thabet Al-Duri and Hatem Hamdan Al-Azawi.

In addition to prohibiting all transactions between Americans and the seven individuals, Treasury said that if it discovers any assets the seven have that fall within U.S. jurisdiction, they will be frozen.

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