FM: US Remains Uncommitted to Agreements with Iran over Iraq

A02469543.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said that after three rounds of talks with the US over Iraq, Tehran has not yet found Washington committed to the agreements gained during the previous meetings.

Mottaki made the remarks in comments to the visiting member of the European Parliament, Angelika Niebler here on Sunday

He further welcomed talks and cooperation with the European Union, and said that Tehran seeks to have independent relations with Europe based on mutual respect.

“Any kind of change in approach and also any positive policy adopted by the EU has been followed by Iran’s positive steps,” Mottaki added.

He said that Tehran is seeking to balance its economic ties with the different countries, and called on European states not to sacrifice their economic opportunities in Iran for the goals and interests of certain countries, reminding that the EU can hold a remarkable share to Iran’s economic relations.

The Iranian foreign minister noted Iran-US talks over Iraq, and said that in the fourth round of talks, Tehran will be seeking to have serious and effective talks with the other side.

“This would happen if Americans comply with their undertakings, but after three rounds of talks, we have not yet found them loyal to the agreements,” he added.

Mottaki further pointed to a recent report by 16 US intelligence agencies which concluded that Iran is conducting a peaceful nuclear program, and viewed the report as an opportunity for the US administration to give up conceitedness and move towards a just and realistic approach.

He said the report has provided the US administration with an opportunity to prove its honesty to the American nation by admitting to its wrong-doings, including fabrication and promulgation of wrong information about Iran’s nuclear case.

The minister reminded that European countries have time and again stressed that if the report by the International Atomic Energy Agency approves non-diversion of Iran’s nuclear activities from peaceful means, their concerns would be removed.

“Now that concerns have been eased, it is time for Europe to comply with its undertakings,” he added.

Mottaki called for a recognition of Iran’s right to use peaceful nuclear energy and referral of Iran’s nuclear case from the UN Security Council to the IAEA, saying that such a courageous and realistic measure would add to the IAEA’s creditability and uplift the status of the UNSC.

He further described confidence-building as a two-way road, and reiterated that Tehran would never accept extralegal demands seeking to deprive it of its legal rights.

“We are not asking for anything beyond the law and we will be satisfied with (the attainment of) our legitimate rights,” the top diplomat underscored.

He also reiterated Tehran’s continued nuclear activities under the inspection of the UN nuclear watchdog agency.

Elsewhere, Mottaki pointed to the issue of Palestine, and said, “We believe that there resides a political and democratic solution to the Palestinian issue, but ears should be prepared for listening to the possible solutions before they can be presented.”

For her part, Ms Niebler voiced pleasure in her visit to Iran and her desirable talks with the Islamic Republic officials.

She said that her trip to Iran is aimed at attending talks with Iranian officials, and described negotiation between Iran and related parties as the best solution to Tehran’s nuclear issue.

Niebler told Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki that European Union officially recognizes Iran’s right to make use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

She stressed the need to devise international regulations to prevent proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Mottaki welcomed the idea, and said that exchange of views between Iran and the EU is a must.

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