Commander: All Moves in Region Monitored by Iranian Army Closely

A03492849.jpgTEHRAN (Fars New Agency)- Commander of the Iranian army’s ground force General Dadras said that the country’s military forces monitor every single move in the region very closely.

Speaking in a ceremony to introduce his new deputy here in Tehran on Tuesday, the General highlighted the military capabilities of his troops, and said that the ground force enjoys the most advanced technologies and equipment.

“In different military grounds we are among the innovative and creative countries and we are not a follower. We have succeeded in reaching a desirable level of preparedness and defensive capability through relying on our own aptitude and talents and using Iranian experts in manufacturing, repairing, reconstructing and optimizing the various types of tools and equipment, including super heavy, heavy and light military vehicles, weaponry, parts and arsenals,” he said.

The commander further underlined the power and full preparedness of the ground force and the entire Iranian armed forces, saying, “No move in the region is hidden to the sharp eyes of the defenders of the ruling system.”

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