Iran, Pakistan Discuss Technical, Financial, Legal Aspects of GSPA

A03618073.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- The 11th Iran-Pakistan joint Working Group (JWG) meeting on Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) Gas Pipeline project in Islamabad on Tuesday held an in-depth discussion on the technical, financial, commercial and legal aspects of GSPA which is at the advance stage of finalization.

The Iranian delegation was led by Dr. H.Ghanimi Fard, Special representative of the Petroleum Ministry of Iran, whereas the Pakistani delegation was led by Farrakh Qayyum, Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources.

According to a joint press statement issued in Islamabad, the discussions between the two delegations to include the few remaining issues of the documentation were marked by positive and pragmatic approach and were held in an atmosphere of confidence and mutual understanding to achieve the goal of finalization of GSPA as early as possible.

The two sides agreed that they had covered a lot of ground on the project agreement at the bilateral level in the last couple of JWG sessions.

The Iranian side stated that the window for Indian participation to join the project may not remain open for an indefinite period on the existing terms and conditions of the project.

The two sides noted with satisfaction that each of them had initiated work to a certain level on the project as forty percent of the construction of the pipeline within Iran has already been completed to provide gas to the eastern provinces of Iran and Pakistan is about to complete the work to appoint a Consultant firm which will initiate the feasibility study of the project within Pakistan territory by the first quarter of the next year.

Besides having substantial delegation level discussions on Gas Sales Purchase Agreement (GSPA) and Intergovernmental Framework Agreement (IGFA), the Iranian delegation called on Ahsanullah Khan, Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources, who conveyed the firm support of the Government of Pakistan to Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) Gas Pipeline project, and urged the two delegations to conclude their discussions on a mutually acceptable terms for the GSPA and IGFA.

The Minister reiterated the commitment of the Government of Pakistan to the IPI project in view of its strategic importance due to the emerging economic needs of the country and the depleting indigenous gas reserves.

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