Iran Ready to Launch Housing Projects in Iraq

A036131211.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran is prepared to build residential units in Iraq, given the existing potentials as well as the housing shortage in that country, Iran’s Housing Minister Mohammad Saidi-Kia said in a meeting with his Iraqi counterpart here on Saturday.

“Iran is always in Iraq’s company and it is ready to help Iraq through transferring its experiences in the field of construction and through building houses in that country,” Saidi-Kia added.

He also stressed the need for the regulation of a joint economic plan by the two sides in a bid to aid Iraq with prosperity, saying that Iraq’s prosperity and power is synonymous with Iran’s prosperity and power.

The minister also pointed out that Iran now enjoys a home-grown construction technology and industry and builds 1.5 mln residential units annually. “Therefore, Iran has appropriate solutions to present to the different countries in the field of construction.”

For his part, the Iraqi housing minister said that his government was slated to compile and approve a law in 2008 on the attraction of foreign investment.

He also said that his country intends to attract a large portion of foreign investments to its housing projects “as Iraq should build 2.5mln housing units by 2010.”

Bayan Dizayee reminded that the critical conditions prevailing in his war-torn country are improving, and called for Iran’s increasing role in the construction projects in Iraq.

He also welcomed a proposal by his Iranian counterpart for the endorsement of a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the housing sector, and underlined, “Owing to the ongoing problems in Iraq, we expect that this MoU will be signed during the current visit.”

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