UK Court Denies Government Appeal VS End to MKO Ban

A03613125.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- A UK court Friday refused the government’s appeal against the court’s order to the home secretary to lift a six-year ban on an anti-Iran terrorist group, discrediting London’s slogans about human rights and campaign against terrorism.

The court has refused the application made by the home secretary to get permission to appeal.

At the end of November, the UK’s Proscribed Organization Appeal Commission ordered the UK’s home secretary to lift a ban on the PMOI, which is part of a broader coalition group that forms the main armed opposition to the Islamic Republic and has already assassinated a large number of Iranian officials and even citizens.

In 2001 the UK government put the PMOI on the proscribed organization list that includes al-Qaeda and the Kurdish PKK, citing the group’s involvement in violence in Iran following the country’s Islamic Revolution.

The UK government has one last channel for appeal – it can make an application to the UK court of appeals.

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