Police to Continue Security Plan

A00581637.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran’s police chief General Esmayeel Ahmadi Moghaddam Thursday stressed that his forces will continue the plan for the promotion of security in the society.

The General further underlined that the security plan is aimed at defending the Islamic and Revolutionary values, saying, “Defending the values is more important than defending the country…and defending code of ethics and morality is more important than defending the possessions and lives of the individuals.”

“Unlike westerners whose culture is materialistically-oriented, in our culture, defending the values is more important than other issues of human life,” he added.

Tehran’s police chief General Ahmad Reza Radan also earlier said that the plan for the promotion of security in the society would continue.

He said that the operation is under close inspection and scrutiny by several governmental bodies, including the police department itself, assuring that any mishandling of the public would not go unheeded and would receive due punishment.

Radan noted the public feedback of the plan, and said that the contacts made with the police public relations revealed that the society supports the plan and demands its continuation.

“For instance, during the public meetings that I have had today (Monday) and from all the telephone calls received by the public relations, we have only had one complaint,” the Tehran police chief stated.

“The public is rather anxious that the plan be continued,” he said, and reiterated the resolve of the law enforcement police to carry on with the plan in future.

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