Iran Supports Zimbabwe’s Independence, Progress

A001821211.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here Sunday voiced Tehran’s support for Zimbabwe’s independence and progress, and called for the utilization of all the ample potentials existing for the expansion of Tehran-Harare cooperation.

According to a report released by the Presidential Press Office, the president made the remarks in a meeting with Zimbabwe’s new ambassador to Tehran, where he underscored that Tehran perceives no limit to the expansion of ties with Harare.

He further noted the two countries’ common views and cooperation in the international circles, and voiced pleasure in Iran-Zimbabwe developing ties in cultural and economic grounds.

Ahmadinejad praised resistance of the Iranian and Zimbabwean nations against bullying powers, and reiterated, “Iran strongly supports the rights, independence and progress of the Zimbabwean nation.”

For his part, the envoy appreciated Iran’s support for the Zimbabwean nation against the bullying powers’ aggressions, and underlined Harare’s resolve to develop all-out ties with Iran and use Tehran’s valuable experiences in the various grounds.

The diplomat noted the two countries’ intimate relations, and stressed Zimbabwe’s policy for bolstering economic cooperation with Iran.

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