Iran’s N. Power a Back Up for Arabs against Israel

A03485158.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran’s nuclear capability brings balance of power to the region and strengthens Muslim and Arab world against the Zionist regime of Israel, a former Lebanese minister said.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with FNA in Beirut, head of Towhid Movement and former Lebanese Minister Weam Vahab viewed Iran’s role in Lebanon and the region as significant and outstanding, and said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran plays a remarkable role in supporting the Islamic resistance movements of the region and Lebanon and renders support to the Lebanese nation and resistance without imposing its will and aspirations.”

“Iran’s support for the Lebanese and Palestinian nations has merely aimed at a liberation of the occupied lands,” he continued.

Vahab further noted the 25-year-long occupation of Lebanon by the Zionist regime, and added, “While Arab countries refrained from rendering aid and assistance to Lebanon and Palestine, Iran supported them (Lebanon and Palestine) and this is a reality acknowledged by everyone.”

“Americans are striving to portray Iran as an enemy of the regional countries in a bid to loot these countries’ oil resources,” he mentioned.

Vahab, who is among the respected heads of Lebanon’s important Darouzi tribe, also defended Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities, saying that Tehran’s nuclear power brings equilibrium to the region and a point of reliance for the world of Islam.

“Certain Arab countries have today turned into a drum for the United States’ system of propaganda and say the same things that Americans say,” he added.

He further pointed to the crimes committed by the US and Zionist regime in Iraq and occupied Palestine, and said, “While Americans are murdering Iraqi Muslims and Israelis are massacring Palestinian Muslims, they speak of Iran’s danger.”

“Iran’s role in supporting Arab and Islamic resistance movements is and will remain outstanding,” the former Lebanese official reiterated.

Regarding the ongoing political crisis in Lebanon, Vahab said, “The crisis in Lebanon would continue until the next summer due to a US plot which does not allow the Lebanese to conduct a peaceful life alongside each other, and the ruling party (of Lebanon) is the most significant tool and element in the implementation of this plot.”

Vahab also described Saudi Arabia’s role in Lebanon as negative, and accused Riyadh of stirring religious sentiments to sow discord between the Lebanese Shiite and Sunnite Muslims.

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