Chechen pilgrims die In the Turkish port of Trabzon

0_1.jpgAccording to sources from Turkey, more than 500 Muslim pilgrims from various Velayats (parts) of Caucasus Emirate – Nohchiycho (Chechnya), Ghalghaycho (Ingushetia) and Dagestan have accumulated in the Turkish port of Trabzon.The pilgrims were returning from Mecca after undertaking Hajj, the Moslem pilgrimage to Mecca. The occupying Russian authorities should ensure a ferry to transport the people to Caucasus, to the port of Novorossiysk, but the ferry did not arrive.


According to sources, a great number of pilgrims, among the elderly and women, are sick. Among the pilgrims 80% have catarrhal and pulmonary diseases. This information is confirmed the Turkish authorities.


One Chechen pilgrim has already died and some other are close to die…


One person named Oleg from the Russian consulate arrived at Trabzon to meet the pilgrims. The representative refused to tell his full name.


To the demand of people to urgently grant transport for sending them home, Oleg stated that nothing can be done, since all borders to Russia are closed until January 3.


In addition, he reported that the Russian Embassy in Turkey does not have any means to ensure the transportation of 500 people. This behaviour of the consul caused anger among the people. “Russian embassy in Turkey is not considering us to be citizens of Russia” they exclaimed.


Seeing that Moscow throws the pilgrims to the arbitrariness of fate, the governor of Trabzon ordered to ensure people stranded in the port with some food and promised to provide hotel rooms for the sick, elderly and women.


Meanwhile, the health of many people is worsening with each passing hour.  According to the pilgrims, if they do not get medical help, dozens of people could die.

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