The Caucasus Emirate. An official statement of the CE Vekalat

5_11.jpgThe editors of Kavkaz-Center have received the text of an official statement of the Vakil of the Vekalat of the Caucasus Emirate (the Head of the Official Representation of CE) in connection to recent events in Caucasus and information that has been published in the media.Official statement of the Vekalat of the Caucasus Emirate


In connection to known events in Caucasus (the proclamation of the Caucasus Emirate, the power struggle in Georgia and in Russia, etc) there has actively been spread in the mass media various slanderous rumours, lies and disinformation using the “Chechen theme”, which is raised today as a propaganda shield by different groups and entire states.


Thus, the Chechen murtad (apostate) Kakiev, who is the puppet leader of a gang called “Zapad” (West), has on order by his masters in Moscow allegedly said that “Chechen special forces” have entered Abkhazia with intention to fight against Georgia if needed. Moscow has given maximal publicity to this statement, with the explicit aim of blackmailing, threatening and intimidating Tbilisi.


It is clear that the criminal Kremlin regime is prepared to use the “Chechen card” and the so-called “North Caucasus volunteers” for its purposes, in view of the Kosovo problem and in event of a resumption of hostilities between Abkhazia and Georgia,.


I responsibly declare on behalf of the leadership of the Caucasus Emirate that there are no “Chechen special forces” in Abkhazia, as there are no and will be no “North Caucasus volunteers.” The Caucasian Mujahideen will not participate in Moscow’s provocations, and will do everything possible to foil the plans of the Kremlin.


Russian occupiers have deployed members of the puppet gang “Zapad” to Abkhazia, but these have no relations neither with the Chechen people nor with the former Chechen Republic of Ichkeria or with the Caucasus Emirate.


In this regard, the leadership of the Caucasus Emirate is ready to discuss with the leadership of Georgia acceptable joint action to neutralize the gang of Chechen murtads (traitors) in Abkhazia and in South Ossetia, where is quartered another band of puppet fighters “Vostok” (East).


Another rough anti-Chechen provocation has been organized against this background. This time from London. This provocation aim at helping its directors in the struggle for power in Georgia


The opponents of Mikhail Saakashvili has distributed in the British mass media an audio tape, on which is recorded a conversation by two people about the physical elimination of one of the candidates for the presidency of Georgia, Arkadi (Badri) Patarkatsishvili.


According to a statement by Patarkatsashvili himself, as well as his partner Boris Berezovsky, who gave this audio tape to journalists to be published by the The Sunday Times, the hit man was Uvays Akhmadov, presented as a “Chechen field commander.”


It is claimed that Uvays Akhmadov secretly recorded his conversation with the “orderer” of the murder and then gave the tape to Patarkatsashvili.


In this regard, I officially declare that Uvays Akhmadov is a private person and has nothing to do with either the leadership of the Caucasus Emirate or with the Vekalat (Representative office) of CE abroad, or with the Armed Forces or with the special services of the Caucasus Emirate.


Unlike his hero-brothers Akhmadov, who became Shaheeds (inshaAllah) in the Jihad against the Russians kafirs (infidels), Uvays Akhmadov has never been a “field commander”.


According to available information, Uvays Akhmadov was deceived and used by Akhmed Zakayev and through him a meeting was arranged with the “orderer” of the murder of Patarkatsishvili. According to some information, the “orderer” has been under arrest for several months in Georgia.


Who conducted the actions of Zakayev is the subject of a separate investigation.


However, this provocation started in London and it returned to London.


The leadership of the Caucasus Emirate is not going to interfere in the internal political processes in Georgia, and it is always ready to engage in constructive dialogue and contacts with responsible representatives of this country on all issues of mutual interest.


Also, the leadership of the Caucasus Emirate does not intend to allow anyone to use in their political games the name of the Chechens and the Caucasus Mujahideen.


In this regard, I officially declare that Akhmed Zakayev is a private person, a refugee, and has nothing to do either with the Caucasus Emirate nor with the former Chechen Republic of Ichkeria or with the Mujahideen. The activities of Zakayev are being investigated by the Mukhabarat (Intelligence Service) of the Caucasus Emirate.


Zakayev is accused of dissemination of appeals, in war time conditions, to disobey authorities of the Caucasus Emirate, as well as for attempts to introduce disturbance and split among the Mujahideen.


Zakayev organized an illegal group of 5-7 members of the abolished parliament and the Cabinet of Ministers of CHRI, by which he has tried to do shady deals in the name of “CHRI government in exile”, by spreading lies, slander and disinformation in the mass media.


In this regard, I officially declare that former Internet agencies of CHRI, “Chechenpress” and “Daymohk”, as well as other agencies related to these, have nothing to do either with the Caucasus Emirate or with the Mujahideen. Neither the leadership of the Caucasus Emirate nor the Mujahideen bear any responsibility for the information aired on these Internet agencies.


In addition, the Zakayev’s case is reviewed by the Supreme Shariah Court of the Caucasus Emirate based upon facts of his remarks against Muslims, mocking at Islam and Shariah, and calling to Kufr (disbelief).


I inform all interested parties on behalf of the Caucasus Emirate, that the only legitimate authority who represents the Caucasus Emirate abroad is the Vekalat of the Caucasus Emirate.


All other organizations, groups and individuals have nothing to do neither with the Caucasus Emirate nor with the Caucasus or Chechen Mujahideen.


Any statements or measures taken abroad by anybody on behalf of the command of the Mujahideen, the authorities of the Caucasus Emirate or the former CHRI without a warrant by the Vekalat of CE will be considered as a provocation and will be perceived by the leadership of the Caucasus Emirate as deliberate hostile acts.


Vakil of Vekalat of the Caucasus Emirate,
Umar Dakayev

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