Speaker Condemns Israeli Crimes in Gaza

A036930131.jpgTEHRAN (FNA) Iranian Parliament Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel strongly condemned Israeli crimes in Gaza Strip, and called on international bodies to take the required measures to stop such brutalities against Palestinians.

Addressing an open session of the Islamic Consultative Assembly here on Sunday, Haddad Adel noted intensified crimes by the Zionist regime in the occupied territories, and blasted US support for Tel Aviv and indifference of the world bodies to the Israeli atrocities.

“It is of much surprise that in a world where international circles make hues and cries about extinction of a bird specie, the same bodies keep quiet over the killing of infants, kids, students and Hajjis (those Muslims coming back from a Hajj pilgrimage),” he said.

The top legislator reminded that the Zionists have prevented Palestinian Hajjis from returning home, intensified the siege on Gaza and blocked transfer of drugs and foodstuff to the Palestinian areas.

“Thus, the occupied Palestine is facing a human catastrophe,” he cautioned.

The chief lawmaker called on international bodies, including the human rights organizations, to condemn Israeli atrocities, and take the required measures to stop ongoing injustices against Palestinians.

He said the Zionist regime seemingly intends to please the US by intensifying crimes against Palestinians prior to the upcoming visit to the region by the US President, Georg W. Bush.

“But they should know that the graver their inhuman acts grow, the stronger the will and resistance of the Palestinian nation will become,” Haddad Adel added.

He also pointed out that an analytical look at the past 60 years reveals that neither the Palestinian nation nor the world of Islam may ever give up their usurped rights, reiterating that such measures are destined to failure, similar to the so-called Annapolis Mideast Peace Conference.

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