Heavy fighting in the mountainous Dagestan

17_1.jpgOn photo: Russian kafirs are using tanks against Mujahideen.


According to occupation news sources, a heavy fighting is taking place in the Tabasaransk district of Dagestan Vilayat of the Caucasus Emirate since 30 Dhul-Hijjah 1428 (January 8, 2008)

between the mobile units of Mujahideen and the joined formations of kafirs (infidels) and local murtads (apostates). 

The information that comes from the fighting are is very controversial. Initially kafirs reported that during the gun battles two Mujahideen were martyred. Russians kafirs claimed that only one OMON special police force unit member was wounded in the gun battle.


The Russian media, with reference to the occupation command reported that the fighting was taking place in the settlements of Tanak, Heli-Pendzhik.


According to claims of local murtads the fighting was began on the morning of 30 Dhul-Hijjah directly in the mentioned settlements. The mobile units of Mujahideen then left the villages. In the afternoon shootouts were taking place in the vicinity of settlements of Tanak and Heli-Pendzhik. The shootouts were subsided toward evening.


On the next day, on 1 Muharram 1429 (January 9, 2008) the fighting was recommence.  According to Russian invaders armored vehicles and helicopter gunships were used against Mujahideen. Mujahideen were fired back with rifles, machine guns and grenade launchers.


The invaders have reported contradictory information about the happening. According to some data during the battle two Mujahideen were martyred and one Mujahid was injured. According to other data, which was also reported by the occupation sources, only one Mujahid had died in the battle. Russians invaders and local murtads this time did not report about their casualties.


Let’s mention in this connection that Tabasaransk district has never appeared in the reports about combat actions in Dagestan.


Meanwhile, early in the morning of 2 Muharram in 1429 (January 10, 2008) invaders stated that on Wednesday night the gun battle occurred in other settlement of Gelim-Batan, Tabasaransk district of Vilayat Dagestan of the Caucasus Emirate.


According to news reported a group of four Mujahideen have entered a house, where they took defense. The house was surrounded by Russian and murtads’ troops. On the offer to surrender Mujahideen responded with fierce gun fire.


At  4.30 am local time home were attacked with flame throwers, grenade launchers and tanks shells. During the bitter fight the house was totally destroyed.


Kafirs claim that 2 or 4 Mujahideen could be under the heap of destroyed house. Russian kafirs and local murtads as usual did not give any information about their casualties.


Thus, judging from the very scanty, scattered and contradictory reports from Dagestan’s Tabasaransk district, in past three days gun battles were taking place at least in these three locations – Tanak, Heli-Pendzhik, and Gelim-Batan.


Russian mass media reported that the mobile unit of Mujahideen consisted of 10 to 15 fighters. But judging the territorial scope of the fighting, the number of Mujahideen should be significantly higher.


There is no precise information about what’s really going on in Tabasaransk district and whether the fighting is still going on or not. KC have not receive any information from Dagestan Front of Armed Forces of the Caucasus Emirate.

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