Bush to Be Impeached by US Republicans Upon Return

A03749301.jpgTEHRAN (FNA) Tehran said US President George Bush could be prosecuted for his belligerent and unreal statements against Iran, adding that the US president would be impeached for his irrational wording by his own party upon return to Washington from a tour of the Middle-East.

“Upon his return to Washington, Bush will be impeached by his own party because the statements he made against Iran in one of the Arab countries and during his visit to the region did not accord with any logic,” Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said in a joint press conference with his visiting Kuwaiti counterpart here in Tehran on Wednesday.

“Bush must apologize to Iran for his lies and for the unfounded and baseless insults he has levied against Iran and the Iranian nation during his term of office,” he added.

Mottaki said the best thing Bush could have done during his recent visit to the region was making acknowledgements about the United States’ wrong policies and mistakes and offering his apology to Iran for his smear propaganda and insults to the Iranian nation.

Meantime, he said that Bush’s statements could be prosecuted, reminding that during Bush’s term, the US administration has, unfortunately, inspired the world countries and regional people with a very incorrect picture of Iran and other issues.

Mottaki said Palestinians assess intensification of crimes by the Israeli regime and massacre of the innocent Palestinians by the Israeli fighters as the outcome of Bush’s Mideast visit.

He said Bush should take account of his actions and explain to the regional nations, specially to the great Palestinian nation, what agreements he has made with the heads of the Zionist regime during his visit that Israelis dared to intensify their crimes against Palestinians.

The foreign minister also viewed failure of the US president in fulfilling his Mideast mission as the main factor contributing to Bush’s wrath and irrational words against Iran.

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