Mexico Ready to Attend 3rd Economic Commission Meeting in Tehran

A011290211.jpgTEHRAN (FNA) Mexican deputy foreign minister voiced her country’s preparedness to attend a third round of joint economic cooperation commission meetings with Iran in 2008.

The Mexican deputy minister made the remarks in a meeting with her visiting Iranian counterpart Alireza Sheikh Attar on Saturday.

During the meeting, the Iranian diplomat noted the two countries’ age-old diplomatic ties, cultural commonalities and economic potentials, and called for increased attention to the bolstering of Iran-Mexico cooperation.

He further reminded that expansion of ties with Latin America sets a priority for Iran’s foreign policy in recent years, and pointed to Iran’s successful economic experiences in implementing industrial and developmental plans and projects in certain Latino states, including Venezuela.

“Given the advanced infrastructures of Mexico, there resides a good possibility for enhancing cooperation with this country,” Sheikh Attar said, describing arrangement of the third round of Iran-Mexico joint economic commission meetings in Tehran as a significant step towards enhanced activity in the two sides’ economic cooperation.

The Mexican official, for her part, underlined the two countries’ cultural commonalities, and said there exist extensive grounds for the two sides’ cooperation.

She further viewed arrangement of the museum of Iran’s historical artifacts in Mexico in 2007 as a successful experience of cultural cooperation, which she said helped Mexicans gain a direct knowledge of the Iranian culture and history.

She also pointed out that the Mexican government seeks a stronger presence in Latin America and other world regions as well as increased trade and economic ties with Asia and Africa.

The Mexican deputy foreign minister voiced her country’s readiness to attend the third meeting of the two countries’ joint economic cooperation commission in Tehran in 2008.

She also noted a recent bill presented by the Mexican government to the parliament to revise the country’s energy laws in a bid to increase efficiency of the energy sector and absorb foreign investment, and called on Iran to share its relevant experiences with Mexico.

The Iranian official welcomed the proposal and the two sides agreed to pave the way for the exchange of delegations in the energy sector in the near future.

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