Iran Symbol of Progress for Many Countries

A011290221.jpgTEHRAN (FNA) Despite sanctions, Iran has made many progresses which could be copied by other countries, Kenya’s ambassador to the Islamic Republic said here on Monday.

Speaking during a meeting with officials in chare of the World Center for Islamic Sciences, the envoy noted common roots in the two countries’ history, and viewed culture as among proper grounds for boosting Iran-Kenya cooperation.

He further called on Iran to help Kenya with the establishment of Islamic universities and computer centers, saying foundation of Islamic university has become a wish for the Kenyan Muslims.

Ali Abbas Ali also noted Iran’s progress in recent years, and continued, “Given the sanctions imposed against the Islamic Republic, the progresses made by this country can set a paradigm for other countries.”

Also during the same meeting, head of the World Center for Islamic Sciences pointed out that Iran attaches much significance to relations with Africa, and said, “Despite negative propagandas, Iran’s Islamic Revolution underlines peace and intimacy among nations, religions and faiths.”

He also referred to Iran’s cordial ties with all nations and states, and voiced Tehran’s preparedness to establish relations and launch cooperation with different countries.

“During the last three decades (since the victory of the Islamic Revolution) the Islamic Republic has been boycotted by the (world) media and has been under sanctions and war, yet we have taken long strides towards progress in all areas, thanks to national resolve,” Alireza A’rafi reiterated.

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