Kuffar Failed to Surround Mujahideen in a Village in Nozhay-Yurt District

According to Russian media, Saturday morning kuffar from police closed the border with Chechnya in Dagestan’s Novolak district, explaining it by a “special operation” in the nearby village of Baytarki in Nozhay-Yurt district of Chechnya. The spokesman of the puppet Ministry of the Interior of Dagestan told that three Mujahideen were surrounded by Chechen murtaddin in a house in that village. 

However, later kuffar denied their previous statement and said that a routine checking of identification documents was carried out in the village of Baytarki, the Mujahideen were not surrounded and no shooting took place. This could mean that the Mujahideen were not in the house at all, or have managed to leave their location before they were surrounded. 

The information regarding events in the village could not be independently verified.

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