Iran Calls on UNESCO to Save Palestinians’ Lives

A027963610.jpgTEHRAN (FNA) – Iran’s permanent envoy to the United Nations Educational, Social and Cultural Organization condemned Israel’s crimes in Gaza, and urged the UN body to take urgent measures to rescue lives of innocent Palestinian citizens, specially teenage patients under treatment in Gaza hospitals.

In separate letters to UNESCO’s director general and heads of UNESCO’s General Conference and Executive Board, Mohammad Reza Majidi called on the world body to condemn the Zionist regime’s crimes in Gaza Strip and play an active role in defending the rights of the Palestinian kids and women.

He pointed to the everyday crimes of the Israeli regime in the Palestinian territories, and reiterated that UNESCO should not allow anyone to endanger man’s most basic rights, including the right of survival, specially in the 60th anniversary of the International Declaration of Human Rights.

“What we observe in Palestine today is an all-out genocide of a nation,” the envoy said.

He further blasted the double standards practiced by the world community in relation to genocide, saying, “We should not witness commemoration of certain historical events in relation to genocide on one hand, and keep silent over an obvious genocide happening before the eyes of the world people on the other hand.”

Majidi pointed to UNESCO’s responsibility in human-related fields, and demanded that officials of the world body take urgent measures to rescue the lives of the Palestinian citizens, particularly hospitalized kids who are now on the threshold of death due to the ongoing power cut in Gaza.

Majidi has also attended meetings with envoys of Islamic countries to UNESCO to instigate international action against the Zionist regime’s crimes in Gaza.

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