MP Calls for Cemented Ties between Iran, Saudi Arabia

A03550039.jpgTEHRAN (FNA) – An Iranian lawmaker Sunday warned Tehran and Riyadh that enemies of Islam are seeking to take benefit from the two states’ differences, and called on Iran and Saudi Arabia not to allow any third party to undermine relations between the two Muslim nations.

The visiting head of Iran-Saudi Arabia Parliamentary Friendship Group, Ali Riaz made the remarks in a meeting with the Chairman of Saudi Consultative Council, Salih bin Hamed.

Riaz, who is in Saudi Arabia at the head of a parliamentary delegation, described his talks with Saudi parliamentary and political officials as useful, and reiterated that regional developments and Muslims’ interests necessitate boosting and bolstering cooperation between Iran and Saudi Arabia, as two influential and significant countries in the Middle-East region.

“The two countries’ cooperation has always impeded the efforts made by the enemies of Islam to sow discord and difference in the Muslim world,” he added.

The legislator further pointed to his talks with Saudi parliamentary officials, and underlined the two countries’ common views about regional and Muslim world developments.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that interests of the Islamic Ummah (nation) necessitate expansion and consolidation of friendly cooperation among Islamic states, Iran and Saudi Arabia in particular,” he underscored.

The lawmaker also voiced confidence that enemies’ efforts to sow discord between the two countries would end in failure.

For his part, Salih bin Hamed said that Tehran-Riyadh ties would benefit both states, the entire region and the whole world of Islam.

He further voiced satisfaction from the current trend of growing relations between the two Muslim states, and mentioned, “Enemies would benefit from Iran-Saudi Arabia discord. We should not let others create tension in the two countries’ bilateral ties.”

The Chairman of Saudi Consultative Council also stressed that regional developments in the past few years have proved that the two countries are in need of establishing bilateral friendly relations.

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