Wilayah Ghalghaycho. 4 Russian Intelligence Agents Wounded in Nazran

Wilayah Ghalghaycho (Ingushetia). Attackers riddled with bullets a minivan with eight employees of the so called FAPSI (federal agency of government communications and information) in downtown Nazran around 06:30 PM, seriously wounding four, among them a colonel, a major and a captain. One of the wounded later died.We must note that the term “FAPSI” is not used since 2003, when FAPSI was renamed to the Special Communications and Information Service of the Federal Protection Service of the Russian Federation. It deals with everything related to providing telecommunication services to Russian government structures, and also tries to spy against Mujahideen using high technologies. 

This special service is very secretive and some analysts say that it is more powerful than FSB, because unlike the latter, it did not go through reshuffle after USSR collapse and has more employees. 

So the latest attack against this kafir special service in Ingushetia is a serious blow to Russia, because such secretive organization apparently failed to keep secret its officers’ visit to this occupied territory. 

In other developments in Wilayah Ghalghaycho, a car exploded after 06:30 PM in the center of Nazran, killing the driver and wounding three other people. The explosions was very powerful, equivalent to 20 kg of TNT. 

The puppet authorities claimed that the car was rigged with explosives and detonated accidentally. The killed driver was reportedly an elderly man from Dagestan. 

Also in downtown Nazran, around 06:00 PM, armed kuffar on three vehicles abducted two Muslim men, 26-30 y. o., forcing them out of their car and taking them away in unknown direction.

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