Iran to Set up Exhibits in 4 Countries

A00423953.jpgTEHRAN (FNA) – Iran has scheduled to hold permanent handicraft exhibitions in four countries in a bid to promote Iranian culture and tourism in the world.

Iran is planning to hold permanent handicraft exhibitions in Canada, Germany, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates, a press tv report said.

The Iranian exhibitions will be showcasing the country’s artworks, books and traditional music in three continents.

The events will include displays of Iranian paintings, handicrafts, miniatures, calligraphy, pottery, ceramics and illumination works of art.

Iran has held talks with twenty foreign embassies in Tehran to initiate a similar cultural program in a wider variety of countries across the world.

The Iranian handicraft exhibits in the four countries are scheduled to open before the start of the next Iranian calendar year, which falls on March 21.

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