Hamas: Gazans May not Surrender to Enemy

A01623644.jpgTEHRAN (FNA) – The Zionist regime has turned Gaza into a prison for over a million people currently under the Israeli siege there, but enemies of Islam should know that people will not give in to pressures and will continue their glorious path with patience and resistance, a Palestinian official said.

Addressing a meeting public congregation in the northern city of Rasht Tuesday night, Palestinian Hamas Movement’s envoy to Tehran Abu Osameh Abdol-Moti praised Iran’s permanent support for the Palestinian nation, and said, “Although the US and Europe allege to be an advocate of democracy, they intend to punish Palestinian people for electing Ismayil Hanyeh as their prime minister.”

He further reminded that although the Israeli regime has maintained siege over Gaza all throughout the last two years, it has embarked on blockading all land, air and sea routes during the last eight months in a bid to turn Gaza a prison for the Palestinians.

The Hamas official, meantime, underlined that despite all problems, particularly shortage of drinking water, electricity, fuel, foodstuff and other basic commodities, Gazans will continue resistance and may not give in to pressures.

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