Iran’s Red Meat Exports Hit 60,000 Tons

A01955082.jpgTEHRAN (FNA) – Iran has exported some 60,000 tons of red meat during the ten months as of March 21, 2007 (start of current Iranian year 1386), Majid Ansari director of the Public Relations Department of the Agricultural Jihad Ministry announced here on Sunday.

He told ISCANews that the private sector is in charge of importing meat and the Ministry supervises quality of meat kept in quarantines.

He said that the country exports ewe and goat meat to Arab countries for import of mutton and beef instead.

The private sector has embarked on importing red meat from India due to the high demand of domestic markets for red meat on the one hand and the increase of animal feed global prices on the other hand, he noted.

Import-bound meats are examined under strict quality conditions before entering the country, Ansari concluded

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