Iran Launches E-Warfare Production Line

A00870803.jpgTEHRAN (FNA) – Iran inaugurated a production line of advanced radar and electronic war equipment in Shiraz, south of Iran on Tuesday.

Inaugurating the facility, Iranian Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar praised the efforts of Iranian experts “to domesticate technology required for production of armaments,” Press TV reported on its website.

Smart fuses and radar lamps are among the 30 projects newly developed by Iranian experts at the Shiraz Electronics Industries (Sa-Shiraz) affiliated to Iran’s Defense Ministry.

Najjar stressed that the Defense Ministry’s strategy to mass-produce essential arms within the country would boost national security on ground and aerospace levels.

He described the Iranian products as parallel to the international versions, adding that the sanctions imposed on Iran had encouraged “an intensive output” of technology in the country.

Iran has launched a campaign for self-sufficiency in the country’s defense industry in a bid to stand up against Western pressure on the Islamic Republic.

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